Julia's current favorites

We asked our founder Julia about her current favorites of our collection:


,,I am OBSESSED with our timeless, darkblue sweatset. I love the zipper of the sweatshirt and the luxurious logo embroideries on both pieces. I think this set is so versatile and you can combine the sweatshirt also to a jeans or dress it up to your favorite coat. You are always ready to go with this set. Can we also talk about our Mother Earth cap, made of the softest organic cotton? You find it now in three different colors, which are perfect for every season. I personally love the one in stone-beige, as you can wear it to every color."

,,People always say you can not wear white in winter. I think this is absolutely not the case. Our eco-friendly produced white sweatsuit comes with a hoodie and a sweatpants with green logo embroideries. I think it looks so cool, and makes a great contrast, to a black wool coat. Add our organic cotton cap to it and your favorite handbag and you are ready to go."