The perfect Unisex sweatsuit

The perfect Unisex sweatsuit - Sustainable made of eco-friendly and luxurious garments.

,,So many of you are interested in more behind the scene processes. So I thought it is time to tell you a bit about our fitting and design processes when creating a new collection. For fall/winter'21 we wanted to have Unisex basic sweatsuits in neutral and timeless colors, which are staple pieces for your wardrobe season after season.

The most important factor for us is always the quality. That's where we start. Always. We only use eco-friendly grown garments, which have a super high and soft quality. Our collections, also our samples, are 100% sustainable produced (You can read more about it here). We decided for a luxurious logo embroidery for our sweatsuits and we had to make sure that the cotton of our hoodies is stable for this embroidery. We needed two tries to found the perfect stitching method for this.

Let's continue with the fit. When our supplier was sending us our first samples we were not happy with the tight fit of the pants. We changed the fit of the pants to a more Unisex loose fit for an oversized look and added an elastic waistband to it, so you can perfectly adjust the pants to your body type. You can wear them more "baggy" on your hips or a big higher at your waist, depends which style you prefer. This year we decided to go for our sustainable hoodies instead of sweatshirts. Autumn and winter are often windy and cold, so a hood is perfect when being outside and you can combine it to all your jackets. Our first sample of the hoodies arrived a week later and we noticed that the sleeves where to short on our tall models. That's why we decided to increase the length 5cm. 

When the final pieces arrived afterwards we always wash them two times to make the final test:
1. Are the garments pulling strings in the laundry machine?
2. Is the color fading after the first wash?
3. Is the logo embroidery lasting? 

When all factors are met, we start the production of our sustainable produced  hoodies and pants, shoot them on our models and enter them into our shop for you." 

- Julia, founder of 92 THE STUDIO