,,Founded in 2020, 92 THE STUDIO stands for timeless Leisure Wear made for a happy and effortless lifestyle. 92 THE STUDIO focuses on high quality garments and puts longevity over momentary fashion trends. Our products are made for a lifetime of the finest garments. 
I always admired the classy effortless style of the late 80's and 90's, which is the major inspiration behind the collections of 92 THE STUDIO.
 With our carefully designed Leisure Wear, I want to provide you with the same effortless vibe of this decade.
92 THE STUDIO was founded from my greatest passion. Since I am a child, I loved to design my own clothing for me and my friends. After high school I decided to study Business & Management, but when finishing university, I found myself back in the fashion industry. When working internationally for several years in this industry, I got to know a lot about garments, supply chains and production. I was shocked to see how the environment is harmed by the massive amount of fast fashion and found it more than unfair that production workers mostly have to suffer the most in this industry. It was clear to me that this can not be a solution. 

I decided to start 92 THE STUDIO and to focus to 100% on an eco-friendly, fairly and sustainable production to make a difference in this industry (You can read more about our approach here). 
I always liked sporty outfits for my everyday life and therefore I started the brands with organic cotton caps and sweatshirts. Sweatshirts quickly became our main product and I think that a good-fitted sweatshirt, made of high quality garments, can even elevate a whole outfit. A sweatshirt is so versatile and you can easily combine it with everything.

Every piece of 92 THE STUDIO tells a story and has a deeper meaning. For example our best selling MOTHER EARTH sweatshirt. It is an easy slogan, but it says a lot: We only have one planet earth, better take care of it! 

Every day, it is the greatest joy to me, to do what I love and at the same time to even make a difference in this world. I am sure you are going to love our products as much as I do and that you keep them for a lifetime, as they only get better with time."

With love, Julia (Founder of 92 THE STUDIO)