,,92 THE STUDIO is not about fashion. It is about a journey towards a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. I am Julia, founder of 92 THE STUDIO, and my mission is to bring timeless pieces of the highest-quality to my community - Pieces you want to keep in your closet season after season. I want to make the finest Athleisure Wear available at fair prices, make you feel the best in it and raise awareness for sustainable & fairly produced clothing.

You are tired of washed-out colors and ripped seams after only one wash? I totally got you! I sourced for the right garments for almost one year before founding the brand. Together with our suppliers, I make sure that all our pieces are made of the finest long-lasting garments to ensure that they will last a lifetime.

Before founding 92 THE STUDIO in 2020, I worked internationally in the fashion industry for many years, where I traveled a lot to different production facilities of numerous big brands - I was shocked to see how the environment is harmed by the massive amount of fast-fashion and I was even more shocked to see under which circumstances the people had to work in these facilities.
It was clear to me that this can not be the right approach for this industry. Therefore, I decided to start 92 THE STUDIO and to focus to 100% on a sustainable, ethical and fair production to make a difference in this industry and to create a brand where you will not have a guilty conscience while shopping, because you know who is manufacturing your clothing.

As a true 90's child (I was born in 1992), I started the company with 90's-inspired sweatshirts and hoodies - I mean everyone loves a good timeless sweatshirt, right? I think high-quality sweatshirts are a must-have for every wardrobe and are not only for staying at home. You can dress up sweatshirts so easily to a good pair of leather pants or a nice skirt as well. Investing in high-quality pieces is something I really want to encourage you as they will last a lifetime. 

Every day, it is the greatest joy to me, to do what I love and at the same time to even make a difference in this world. I am sure you are going to love our products as much as I do and I wish that you keep them for a lifetime, as they only get better with time."

- Julia, founder of 92 THE STUDIO

You have feedback, a question or inquiry for me? Feel free to contact me via our office E-Mail info@92thestudio.com -  I am always super happy to hear from our customers.