Julia was founding 92 THE STUDIO in 2021 from a dream that she always had since being a child.  She started to design her own clothes when she was just nine years old and as a 90s child, she always had a passion for timeless and vintage-inspired clothing and jewelry. After graduating from university, she worked for several international fashion companies in Marketing and Creative Direction, before founding her own brand. She now lives between Milan, Italy and Germany. Her vision with 92 THE STUDIO is to create a platform, where her customers will always find timeless essentials for their wardrobe, made of the highest quality. Julias motto has always been that you do not need a lot in your wardrobe, you just need the right timeless pieces which you can combine to everything.

3 Quick Questions with Julia:

Q: Which vintage earrings of the current collection are your favorite?
J: I do not have a favorite, as I really love all of them. But for summer 2024 I love the flower designs a lot. I think they look gorgeous to a simple black dress.

Q: 3 must-have items for every wardrobe?
J: A good pair of straight blue jeans, a white high quality t-shirt and a good pair of heels. I would always invest in quality rather than quantity.

Q: Most important: Coffee or tea?
J: Coffee!