We are no environmental activists and do not pretend to be so. But we try to be as sustainable as possible in all our business processes from our recycled packaging up to our climate neutral shipping with DHL Go Green.
Our goal is to create eco-friendly produced clothing that convinces with high quality. We want to create an understanding of less consumption and raise more awareness of sustainable and fairly produced clothing. We really want to encourage you to buy high quality products which last a lifetime, rather than buying fast fashion, which is damaging the environment enormously.

All our products are eco-friendly and sustainable made of certified and organic garments. This means that no synthetic pesticides and artificial fertilizers are used for growing our cotton. We only use 100% organic cotton and only recycled polyester. Our cotton is sustainable grown with 80% less water than normally and our polyester is completely recycled. Producing polyester releases up to three times more carbon emissions than cotton and further it is not breaking down in the ocean (weforum.org). Therefore we only use recycled polyester. We produce the majority of our clothing of 100% cotton. Only a few pieces have a very small amount of recycled polyester in it to maintain the forms.

We produce all our products under fair and ethical conditions in the South of Portugal, in Spain and in India and stand in close personal contact with all our suppliers. Our factories are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) which promotes fair labor conditions in all production steps and of course implements the Code of Conduct. You can read more about our factories here. Also, you find the approved logo of FWF on all care labels in our clothing.
There are so many brands out there which claim to be eco-friendly and sustainable, by just producing a few items in ,,a more sustainable way". This is definitely not our standard and we can ensure that 100% of our products are eco-friendly and sustainable produced. We want to be transparent to you in all steps and we can ensure you that all our production workers are paid high & fair wages, over-hours and as well holidays.

We think it is so important to make a difference in this world. Therefore we donate 5% of our yearly sales to ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENSE FUND. It is a great non-profit organization which focuses on the most important ecological issues nowadays like sustainable fishing, clean energy and restoring our ecosystem. With our brand we want to raise awareness for sustainability and on a more conscious lifestyle. We want to make a difference as much as we can in this world  and we invite you to join us on our journey.