We are no environmental activists and do not pretend to be so. But we try to be as sustainable as possible in all our business processes.
With 92 THE STUDIO, we want to create an understanding of less consumption and raise more awareness of eco-friendly and ethically produced clothing. We really want to encourage you to buy high-quality products which last a lifetime, rather than buying fast fashion, which is damaging the environment enormously.

Garments & Production

All 92 THE STUDIO products are eco-friendly and sustainable made of the finest organic garments. Our cotton is GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard). GOTS is the worldwide leading textile standard for organic garments and stands for a 100% eco-friendly and ethical production chain.
This implements that no chemicals are used growing our cotton. It also stands for an ethical working environment - All our workers get fair wages and work under super fair conditions. This certification is very strict and only a few companies worldwide will granted this label. 
You will find the official certification logo on all our care labels inside of our clothing. You can read more about GOTS here.
Our factories are located in Spain, India and Portugal. We produce all our products under fair and super ethical conditions and stand in close contact with all our production facilities. All our factories promote fair labor conditions, which provide, among other benefits, fair labour hours and wages to all employees. Our facilities also implement the Code of Conduct. You can read more about our production factories here. 

Even when you produce clothing in eco-friendly & sustainable ways, producing garments is never 100% eco-friendly in general. We made if to our responsibility to off-set this environmental emission damage, which is caused by producing garments and by the CO2 emissions of shipping packages.
Therefore, we partner with One Tree Planted and plant one tree for every order placed. It is a non-profit organization, which plant trees to off-set CO2 emissions, to clean the air and to maintain biodiversity. At the end of every business year we send you an E-Mail with a map, so you can see where in the world your tree was planted exactly. Get to know more about One Tree Planted and their amazing projects here.
Peta Certification 

The majority of our pieces is 100% approved vegan by PETA. This means that our garments are free from any animal components. You can find the official certification logo on the care labels at the inside of our clothing.


Our goal for the next business year is to get 100% climate neutral and to entirely off-set the carbon footprint of our company, from production to shipping. It is a super interesting process and we can't wait to reach this milestone.

Collections that give back

Additionally, every year we work with different organizations to design capsule collections to raise funds for recent matters in the world. When you scroll our Instagram account you can find our last capsule collections which brought awareness to these recent issues.